Changing journal filename format causes blank journals and data loss

If I set journal/file-name-format and journal/page-title-format in config.edn (as detailed here), journal files are not being read and show up bank in Logseq. Editing a journal in Logseq overwrites the previous file (renamed to match new format) resulting in data loss. Refresh/Re-index does nothing.

Logseq Version 0.9.19 (72)

Can confirm, I am on 0.9.20 and issue persists.

Even reverting the .edn file to initial state, as well as reverting the journal pages file names (backup copy + git) leaves my journal page empty.

Also there is no new journal page created for the same day, which is odd.

edit: found the solution:

simply empty the cache of logseq (settings → advanced …) then link the graph again and everything works.