Changing the way in which tags are identified

Hi, When I copy an email into logseq, I often get an identifier that contains a segment with am embedded hash sign, e.g., abcdefg#12345. Unfortunately, logseq ends up turning the #12345 into a tag. Is there a way to change this behavior such that a tag is not created in an embedded case?


  • Thank you for that link
  • I don’t have a good solution. I can put spaces around the # character or include the whole string in backticks.
  • In the context of my email references, the pasted hash sign always has a non-space character before and after it.

Unless there are use cases for embedded hashtags, perhaps logseqs regular expression or parser for tag detection could be a little smarter.

I cannot change the parser, but if you want I could possibly automate one of your current solutions. Would you be willing to use a different key combination for preprocessing of the pasted text? If so:

  • Which solution would you prefer?
    • What about replacing the character with a similar one (maybe the sharp )?
  • Which key combination would you like?
  • Could you provide a bigger example with a couple of email references?

Thank you for the kind offer. :grinning:

I tend to drag the message into logseq rather than copying it.

The problematic part of an item looks something like this:

I suppose that wrapping in backticks would be best, but that is not difficult to do by hand.
I just wish that native logseq would handle this issue better.