Checking Checkbox, but other checkbox is checked

When I have the following block with 4 checkboxes and I check the last checkbox, the first checkbox is checked. This is not the expected behaviour:

+ [ ] Jan-Willem
+ [ ] Lorenzo
+ [ ] Joris
+ [ ] Jan

So when I tag the fourth checkbox (Jan), then the checkbox Jan-Willem is tagged. When I tag it another time also the checkbox Jan is tagged.

(version 0.10.6)

Can reproduce. Strangely this behavior only occurs on the 4th checkbox.
Made a list with 5 items and still only when checking the 4th one caused a problem.
Checking any of the others showed the correct behavior.

Could also be related to both the first and last have a similar text

I think you cracked it! If you change the first one to Willem the problem goes away.

Is it the similar name or the minus?

Seems the fact they both start with Jan.