Citations of annotations on PDF file opened via zotero link do not work on another computer

To describe in detail:
I read and annotated a literature in logseq using the zotero link (it appears as an open button on the page) on a computer, and pasted the citation on a block. Normally, if I click on this quote, logseq will open the literature and jump to the page it is on. however, when I try to click on the quote to open the literature for reading on another computer (notes is synced via the nutstore app), logseq doesn’t work and an error is reported in the upper right corner(fig). Even though logseq is updated to version 0.6.8, the problem still exists. Note: since the file is opened through the zotero link, the file and its path reported in the picture do not exist in two PC.
pc1,pc2: win 10 x64
logseq version: 0.6.7