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I learned through Ed’s newsletter that there is now an alpha version of LogSeq for Android. This is very fine and I am very happy. But: How do you manage the balancing act between the demand for privacy on one side and the technical solution on the other side to synchronize via Google? Privacy and Google are mutually antagonistic, aren’t they?
So if I choose LogSeq, it’s probably because of the privacy claim, and if I’m interested in privacy as a user, then I’m not a friend of Google per se. Which leads me to the question: Will other cloud solutions be supported in the future? With the underlying solution via Google, the Android version is de facto uninteresting for me. That may not matter to the majority of the community, but it would still be a shame from my point of view.


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Quick note, Google Drive is not the only option. You can use almost any cloud service. Syncthing is a privacy preserving option that quite a few people are using.

You may wanna give that a shot.


Dear Aryan!

I was reffering to Ed´s newsletter and there it looks like that only Google Drive can be used to sync to Android devices. I may have misunderstood that. Is there a how-to for no-tec´s like me how to configure sync of LogSeq on Android with any other cloud service?

Thanks for pointing to syncthing. I looks like there is a bit more to configure so I will use the upcoming holidays to play with it to find out if I like it.


add info: I found out that I misunderstood the content of the newsletter related to the android version a bit. I found a sync tool that enables syncing with my cloud service and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

Yeah, realize the language may have been a bit ambiguous. Will pass the feedback on to @Ed_Nico

It’s pretty much the same basic method for most sync services. I’d suggest joining the discord, a few people have shared their workflows there. I’m pretty sure the same google drive method can work for dropbox with the exception of using a different app like dropsync. You may actually get away with skipping a few steps entirely using this option. Alas I’m not an Android user so don’t have any first hand experience, sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


Synchthing and Nextcloud are the best options, if you can’t host Nextcloud by yourself, offers 2 GB of storage and it’s a very privacy-oriented service provided by volunteers.

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Thanks for this and thanks @Aryan for the mention - I think I omitted the line about using other services - Google Drive and Auto Sync are certainly not the only ones that can be used. I have amended the blog post. Thanks again for the comment, appreciated it.