Cleaning Up a Messy Graph

I followed the advice of “just start writing” when I was starting out. Over time, as I learned more, my ideas about tagging and use of properties has changed. I want to use a consistent tagging and properties structure, but my existing notes don’t currently have that. I have a lot of tags and property keys that I am no longer using, and notes that are improperly notated.

What is your workflow for cleaning up the mess you created when getting started?

Good question, I also would like to know the experience of others.

My flow (which I would like to improve):

  • open Graph
  • find orphan page and open it
  • add property tags:: to page or delete a page
  • repeat

Unfortunatly it is not possible to have graph on main screen and open page on sidebar with Shift+left click

Maybe it is possible to create a query to show all orphan pages. It would be better.

I have found the tags plug-in to be a useful aid here.

Too many tags with one or two references might be a sign that you’re over-thinking things and an opportunity to clean up near-duplicates.

But it would not helped if you need clean up pages with no tags :frowning_face: