Clear cache – Seeking additional help, please!

I am terrified. I have done so-o-o much work in Logseq and appear to have lost it all. While distracted in a side conversation, I used the “clear cache” button imagining I was just deleting some lingering in process files. Instead I seem to have lost all.

In other messages about this issue, people were told that all they needed to do was to “add new graph” from local files. I have opened every folder I have and all of them return the same thing … a new, fresh empty graph.

So, I’m missing something, right? What is it? I will be so appreciative!!!

Can you take a screenshot?
Basically you have a folder for your graph content (the folder docs here), typically CONTAINS folders like journals logseq pages INSIDE:

(Using the Logseq document graph as example)
Then you may pickup the folder ITSELF in the directory selecting UI (not the folders inside!):

I’m writing a FAQ about “How to clear cache”