👋🏻 Clément from Berlin

Hi there,

I am Clément from Berlin. I am Software Engineer and enjoy a lot Logseq. I have a love/hate with most note taking app. I constantly change my workflow and never find my notes back.

This includes Evernote, Drafts, Notion and Obsidian.

The one I really enjoy seeing growing were Obsidian. I still really like Obsidian for long writing or preparing published content. But then I realize I was spending too much time on tweaking it and trying to find a way to make it nice looking.

Then I discovered Logseq. This is a really great tool which allow me to spend less time tweaking and organizing. For example not seeing any files explorer stop me from procrastinating around the files structure. Having all as a bullet allow me to quick capture without feeling I should write a paragraph or format the note. What help as well is that it works with block reference and the back link are perfectly integrated without any efforts. In conclusion Logseq simplicity make me feel more productive than Obsidian.

I really appreciate the work being given for this tool which deserve more fame.

And voila, that is me and why I am here.


Hi, Clément! Welcome.

I’m also a newcomer, and a fellow Obsidian user. In fact, a lot of what you’ve said resonated with me. I also prefer the outliner format for the vast majority of my note-taking, and I appreciate the careful allowances and the superficial simplicity of Logseq.

As for losing my notes, I proudly over that stage (and so are you, now!). Local, plain text files are the way to go. I have 20 years worth of them to make my point :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Anyway, I hope to see you around regularly. These are exciting times to be in a community like this.