Click-to-edit should (optionally) place cursor at end of block

Right now if you click on markdown formatted text the cursor goes inside the markdown characters. So if you have:


If you click anywhere in the bold text, the cursor will go after the D, but before the **.

Similarly, if you have a markdown formatted URL [ABCD](URL) the cursor will start after the D.

Personally, 90% of the time if I click on a block it is to add additional text, such as a tag, not to modify the stylized text or URL that is already there. For this reason, I would like to change the default behavior to place the cursor at the end of the block. I understand that others may have other needs, so perhaps it could be an option in the settings?

Thanks for the post - I have this problem too.

With me it happens very often that I click into the end of a block so that I can e.g. create a new block afterwards with Enter. As you wrote this is not possible, because you end up in the middle of the Markdown code.

I would also prefer the cursor to be placed at the end.

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Thanks for the suggestion! This is something we’re going to improve soon.


Yep this is one on my biggest annoyances as well.

Hooray, fixed in v.0.4.5



That was quick! Fantastic.

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