Clicking on asset link such as a pdf, doesn't open the pdf with default app

Instead opening a link to an asset link with default app, a link such as ![file.pdf](../asset/file.pdf) only creates a new annotation page instead on Android (0.6.4)

Pdf is not supported on mobile and web version as of now. You can only open pdf on the desktop version.

+1 for this.

I appreciate having highlighting/annotation on the mobile app is likely a lot of work… but given the PDF (or Word file) is stored within the Logseq folder, it would be useful to simply have a working link to it so that it can be opened in the default app on a mobile device. My use case is taking Logseq to meetings on iPad. As it is, I have no way of accessing any supporting documents short of rummaging through all the files in the assets folder.