Cloze Hierarchy Support


It’s my first time using Logseq and after playing and tinkering around with its features. I noticed that for the cloze flashcards there doesn’t seem to be an option to have a hierarchy for clozes like you would in Anki.

  • For example in Anki it would be: “The capital of {{c1::Japan}} is {{c2::Tokyo}} and not {{c3::Kyoto}}.”
  • Maybe for Logseq it could be: "The capital of {{cloze1 Japan}} is {{cloze2 Tokyo}} and not {{cloze3 Kyoto}}.
  • As well as to make two clozes be shown together as a set like: “The founders of {{cloze1 Rome}} are {{cloze2 Romulus}} and his twin {{cloze2 Remus}}.”

I use these clozes a lot, as do a lot of people like those shown on YouTube, when I was using Anki to quickly create flashcards. It simplifies the creation of cards, compared to having multiple question and answer cards to do the same.

Looking through the current posts already here, there does not seem to be an explicit/exclusive request for the feature, but only mentioned in this post on Flashcards/SRS Improvements by @manox_myth and the workaround given by @Vincer (very handy for now, thank you!).

Thus, it would be nice to have actual support for the cloze hierarchy to avoid repetitive and verbose bullets/cards when it a flashcard could fit on one line. If this feature could get shipped, then it could also be a nice workaround for multi-answer question-and-answer type flashcards. This is one of those small but critical things that are holding me back from moving from Anki and centralizing my notes inside of Logseq.