Cmd + click doesn't work for files in the sidebar

Not sure if this is because of the tabs plugin or not, but this would be lovely if I could do this again, thanks!

Cmd-Click is a feature of the Tabs plugin, not core Logseq. We have Shift-Click to open links in the sidebar.

I have the tabs plugin enabled on Logseq Desktop 0.8.9. (macOS), and I can use Cmd-Click on links in the sidebar to open them as a tab. Likewise, Shift-Click works to open links in the sidebar.

For the community to properly troubleshoot, please make sure whether the functionality that’s not working is plugin functionality or core. For core issues the community can help, but for plugin issues it’s best to open an issue on the plugin’s GitHub page. This is the GitHub page of the Tabs plugin: Issues · pengx17/logseq-plugin-tabs · GitHub

Also, please provide as much information as possible when reporting a bug, like: what OS you’re on, what Logseq version you’re on, the plugins you’ve installed, what theme you use? Otherwise it’s kinda impossible to properly help you.

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