Cmd-click should select a block, regardless of editing mode

If I’m not in editing mode (i.e. there’s no cursor in any block), I can cmd-click on any block to select it.
Unfortunately, this doesn’t work if I’m in editing mode. In that case, I have to hit ESC first before I can then cmd-click on some block.

But it’s very hard to know whether a block is in editing mode (i.e., whether a cursor is inside a block).
(Side note, the default theme for logseq should highlight the a block that’s being edited, e.g. some yellowish background for the whole block, but I guess I’ll file that as a separate request).
In other words, it’s hard to know whether I need to hit ESC before I can cmd-click.

Request: cmd-click should work the same way regardless of whether a block is being edited; i.e. editing mode should be exited if need be.

Note that shift-click does work as expected already: it works regardless of editing mode. So cmd-click should work the same way.

Btw, normally cmd-click adds to the current selection of block; i.e., if you already have a block selected. But in this case, even though the cursor is inside a block, it should not be considered selected. So that when cmd-click is hit on another block, there should only be 1 selected block, not 2.