"Cobra" Theme (Black and yellow) Awesome Dark Mode

Hey Logsequers,

Hey I just published my first Logseq Theme Cobra

The code and instructions can now be found in Github here:
Cobra Logseq Theme | Code In Github

It’s heavily based around the color scheme of my Obsidian Theme Wasp

Dark mode

This theme was mainly made for Dark Mode.

Light Mode

However it does have a nice simple light mode too. It’s not as complete as dark mode yet though

How to set up

If you are an advanced user you know what to do, git clone this repo and put it the custom.css in /logseq/custom.css

Beginner friendly method

If you consider yourself a beginner, this is how to do it.


Download this theme by pressing the green button called Code at the top right corner.

  1. Click on Download Zip
  2. Once it’s in your downloads folder unzip it.
  3. All you’ll need is the file called custom.css feel free to delete everything else (the other files are for my own reference)
  4. Move that custom.css file to your logseq notes in the folder called logseq, there will already be another empty custom.css file there. Delete that one and replace it for mine.

How to update this theme

I will keep updating this theme over time. So I recommend you repeat the download process every now and again for updates.

In the future Logseq might provide a nice way to quickly update themes, but until then it’s a very manual process.


Huge thanks to the Logseq theme for creating such an amazing piece of software. I truly think Logseq has the potential to be a perfect solution for many of us outline thinkers.

Big shout out to @cannibalox for his amazing theme logseq-dark-hpx which I used as a template to create this one with his permission.

Hope everyone enjoys it!

Looks so pretty! I will switch to this theme, thank you!

https://github.com/santiyounger/Cobra 404 now,is it private now?

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Thanks a lot, really appreciate it! As you use it feel free to let me know, in this post, if you notice something that needs to be improved or any suggestions!

Appreciate the support :pray:

Looking cool
tx for sharing

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:laughing: I knew I was missing something hahaha

It’s working now, Just made it public!

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Thanks @Tony appreciate the support!

Really nice work!! Love it!

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Great work, love it !

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Looks great!
Now I have another theme for this week :slightly_smiling_face:

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Appreciate it a lot @defclass and @Sarah_Arminta

Awesome @tienson would love to make it to the Awesome Logseq page! Thanks!

@santi :clap: That is a very nice theme

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thanks man, appreciate it!!

In case you are having issues with the right side-bar not working as expected with Logseq 0.0.20 and above. I just fixed it, so you might need to redownload the code to get it to work

Love this! Would like to make a few tweaks, but am new to Logseq CSS. How can I:

  1. Change the base font size to make it a bit larger?
  2. Change the colors for internal (wiki) links and external (markdown) links?


Is it only me?

After the update to Logseq 0.6.6 the theme doesn’t seem to work anymore. Mainly it looks like the Logseq default theme only with a few adaptions like yellow vertical lines for some branches. I already deinstalled and reinstalled the Cobra theme, but this doesn’t change anything.

I work on an iMac with Montery 12.3 and an old MacBook with Big Sur 11.6.5.

OK, after the update to Logseq 0.6.7 the theme works again without any problems.

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Dark themes should use gray colored text to not burn eyes :smile: