Collaboration question

I tried looking here and on Discord, but couldn’t find anything. Does anyone know about the progress on collab functionality? Do I presume correctly that file sync storage (from trello roadmap) will come first, then collab? I absolutely can’t wait to pay for this feature, beta-test the sh* out of it and onboard my team :slight_smile:


Hi Fily, welcome back to the forum!

We’re working on encrypted file-sync and real-time collaboration in parallel. We’re a few months off from closed beta testing, which should start this summer.

If your team is interested in this, I’d love to do a private onboarding. We could do that for the beta, or once we release the first stable version of the pro services.

Edit 2022-10-17T22:00:00Z: Our encrypted file sync is currently in limited alpha. Work on real-time collaboration is paused until we roll out file sync to the general public.


I’m in for the beta, happy to help weed out all the early bugs. Thanks a lot fot your reply and even giving a vague ETA, I know it can be risky :slightly_smiling_face:


My team would love to join the beta as well, how can I have a seat, can’t wait for that :raised_hands:

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We would love to join the beta as well, how can I have a seat, thanks.

We’ll do a request to our backers on sponsors from Open Collective once we’re ready to start the closed beta.

I’d be up for the public beta when available and happy to provide feedback. Thanks.

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Hi the LogSeq team !
Our nonprofit would also be interested in beta testing!
We would also like to develop a plugin to connect LogSeq with our linked data based software.

Logseq is wonderful, thank you. I am very excited for collaboration features! Maybe the Logseq developers would consider making Logseq’s collaboration features work privately over tor. Or, maybe there is a possible collaboration with Simplex Chat, which is very private and which is also written in Haskell.

Ohh, glad to find this, we’re interesting on this as well, glad to join the test. How can I start the onboarding?

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We have temporarily paused work on real-time collaboration to fully focus on our file sync service. I can’t give a timeline at this moment when we’ll be looking for teams to test and develop with us.