Collapse all child bullets by clicking the alignment line

The feature is as following, will help to collapse multiple child bullets by just one click in very convenience.

  • click the alignment line of parent bullet

  • then collapse all child bullets

I think this is a clever idea - I would like this very much. :+1:
(Unfortunately I ran out of votes - but I still want to support this request).

Thanks for posting

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
It is just the same feature in the Roam Research which I used often.

Yes! I was hoping somebody had requested this. This is an extremely useful feature.



Let me take a look at this feature request


This looks like a useful feature to zoom around the outlines, particularly for long form writing. Ctrl + Up and Ctrl + Down shortcuts don’t provide the same level of “dexterity” :slight_smile:

Just FYI, I submitted a pull request to support this feature and it was merged and released in the 0.5.6 version of logseq.


@shidenggui thank you. This feature request has been implemented.
will move this post to the archive.

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