Collapse parent block without selecting it

I want to simply collapse the current block to its parent.

This seems only possible if I first select the parent block with CTRL-a, and then repeat until I have reached the outer-level I want to collapse to. Only when can I use CTRL-<up arrow> to collapse the block.

This is slow and frustrating. The UI lags. It highlights each block level with each press of CTRL-a. The intervening step is a nuisance.

It seems intuitive to just have a single shortcut to collapse the current parent. Better still to be able to do something like 3cb or cb3. Or simply allow CTRL-<up arrow> to collapse the current parent block. Then perhaps have it work with a number operator as well.

This used to work in early version of logseq but I think around 0.80-ish it started to work as you described. I have no link directly but there are references to this in the forum.

I do not use Headers in my Logseq but rely on folding and indenting as I find different sizes of text to distracting. I would really appreciate if the old behaviour would be restored or maybe be realized next to the current behaviour. Including multi-bullet collapse and uncollapse.