Collecting & visualizing graph statistics

I’ve use 🏛 Full House Templates plugin and Metrics plugin to built this:


2023-06-01 18.07.23

See details on how to setup here

Thanks for all your hard work, it looks amazing!

I wanted to add fullhouse template into default journal template,
by adding regular “Daily” template with fullhouse template,
but since fullhouse template is so good and quick, it replace the content right away in the template block :slight_smile:
I wonder if there’s other way to achieve that,
But it is really nuance, as I have espanso templates for adding your fullhouse templates in no time

template:: DailyTemplate

  • Morning flow

{{renderer :template, DailyTemplate}}
template:: Daily

;; Define the default journal page template.
;; Enter the template name between the quotes.
{:journals “Daily”}

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Hello! Thank you for the feedback! :pray::heart:

There is one special param to achieve that (ref): :delay-until-rendered

Usage: {{renderer :template, DailyTemplate, :delay-until-rendered}}