Command Palette goto block/page

As of right now I find the navigation inside logseq could be a bit more fluent. I’m someone that switches around quite often, and it would be nice if the amazing functionality of the command palette could be extended to allow you to search for, and navigate to specific pages and blocks.

There are some note taking apps that allow for similar functionality, such as the one that I used before this, Joplin. It just allow you to keep working without ever having to move your hand off the keyboard and onto your mouse.

Can’t you just search using command k?

Maybe I worded it very poorly. The functionality to do this does exist, but I think that it being entirely integrated into the command palette, so that it’s like a one-stop-shop, would give the navigation more fluidity.

EDIT: So maybe a more low-priority addition

If you really want to use the command pallete. Why not just search the command pallete for full text search and then you can navigate from there?

I think that the current system keeping the shortcuts for the Command Palette and search separately is probably the best solution. But I feel that the Command Palette is underutilised. Some plugins place commands in the command palette while others don’t. It would be good to tweak the plugin architecture / instructions for plugin creators, so that more commands end up in the palette.