Commit to local-only git automatically

Hello good people,
I keep getting duplicated lines that I have to manually correct. To retain data integrity, I’d like my .md files to be committed to git every 10min, automatically. I’d prefer to have Logseq do this (vs. cron job, task scheduler, script, etc.)

Can Logseq’s git-push can be disabled, but still have git-commit done automatically at the configured frequency?

config.edn suggests that this is possible and I was looking for confirmation, and details on where the local .git folder would be found, and how my config.edn should look like to achieve this.

Thank you!

Hi @noted, I think the auto push and auto pull features are only supported if you connect to remote Github repositories. I might be wrong and @tienson may know more.

Good to know, @junyu. For you or @tienson: would love to know if it’s easy to repurpose the existing auto push feature to do what I’m requesting above.