Community Hub vs. Documentation

What is the Logseq Community Hub? How does it differ from the Documentation

I also interested to know which platform the Community Hub is built on.

It is only a guess but it looks like Hub is a curated list of resources including courses, videos, articles etc. Something to point new users at and whose content must be approved.

The Documentation category in this forum features only posts explaining a feature, how-tos etc. I guess the most useful posts could be referenced in Hub too.

We should ask @Ramses for confirmation.

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Thanks for pinging me @alex0.

@edwarddarrah: The Community Hub contains content created by the Logseq community.

The Logseq documentation on is technical reference documentation. It’s created by the Logseq team and is mostly intended for ourselves and for power users.

For regular end users, we’re working on easier to digest documentation within the Logseq app itself.