Compound Pages in Logseq?

I’m moving over to Logseq from Roam Research but one trouble that I’m having is that it seems that it’s impossible to have compound page names in Logseq such as [[[[Logseq]] [[community]]]]. If I do this in Logseq and then click on the page name it brings me to a page called “Logseq]] [[community” and there will be no linked references. There are a lot of cases where I need two (or more) page links in the title of a new page which represents the union of those two items. For example, to keep track of my consulting projects I use a format for each project page somewhat like, "[[[[consulting]] [[client name]] project name]]. This way I can find these blocks by simply filtering for “consulting” or the “client name” alone or I can find links to the full compound page title which I use at the heading of each day’s work. I use this format all the time in Roam. I have tried successfully to use nested page names in Logseq such as [[[[Logseq]] notes]] or [[my 2023 trip to [[Asia]]]], but no luck with compound page names. Does anyone know if it’s possible to create compound page names like this in Logseq? Thank you!

In Logseq there are namespaces like [[Consulting/Alice/Project foo]] but this implies that [[Consulting/Alice]] and [[Alice]] would be different pages (at least if you don’t make them one the alias of the other).

You can filter progressively using [[Consulting]], [[Consulting/Alice]] and [[Consulting/Alice/Project foo]].

Thank youi! That’s helpful! So it’s not possible in Logseq to do a page name that has multiple page names in the title? like [[[[page A]] [[page B]]]]?

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You can edit a page title to be like that but referencing that page wouldn’t work, so yeah Logseq doesn’t support that.

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