Comprehending file structure; requesting help to resolve unexpected behavior

I have periodically made clutter of my Logseq files and graphs but have progressively been getting things back in what I think is appropriate order and operations.

Inside the folder marked “Logseq” in my mac “Documents” directory, I have three folders marked “journals” and “assets” and “pages.” Lying outside that Logseq folder and also in my Documents directory I had three folders marked “journals” and “assets” and “pages”. The contents of the three outlying folders were non-duplicate to the folders inside the Logseq folder, so I move those contents into the similarly named files in the Logseq folder.

All good. Now however, after reopening my graph, I see that a new “journals” folder has been created outside of the Logseq folder with the content of today’s journal,

Why is this happening? That Is, why is a new Journals folder being added outside of my Logseq folder? How can I stop that behavior anbd keep everything in the Logseq folder.

As always, thank in advance for the generosity of your help.


Folder logseq is:

  • not your folder, but the application’s folder
  • used for internal files, like:
    • configuration
    • customization
    • backups
    • etc.
  • supposed to be at the same level with folders:
    • assets
    • journals
    • pages
    • others (whiteboards etc.)
  • supposed to be (along with the other folders) inside a parent folder
    • its name should be the name of the graph
      • You can have multiple graphs, each one:
        • with its own set of above folders
        • inside its own parent folder
      • To see the initial structure, create a new empty graph.

Therefore, move your files accordingly.

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What a great response! Clear, concise, conceptual … great help. Thank you very much!!!


Oops. Do you mind one more question? My current graph, that is the current version of logseq and filkes I am working with does not have the expected and seen before “Add Graph” option in the drop-down. How do I go about adding a new graph without that?

Which also explains why you calling your first graph logseq is a route to confusion.