Config option for showing full block content of block ref

The display of The Ref of block which contains “New line” is not complete.

This is the last important advantage which RoamResearch do better than LogSeq.

As sayings of my dear developer :
This is a design decision. The first line of the block is “block title” and block ref only shows block title.
…PR is welcome for providing config option of showing full block content.

I will totally transfer my bi-link-notes from RoamResearch to Logseq if this feature is implemented.

Due to the particularity of my notes and research courses, new lines frequently appear in the same block in my notes.

Dear netizens and guys, if you also have such special needs, please cast your precious vote.

Junyi Du, and All developers/desingers/testers of Logseq, Thanks ! Best wishes!

This feature is what is stopping me from migrating to LogSeq completely. I have been using a softbreak as a work around, but it is not as robust as I would like it to be.

Yes Please! I utilise the soft line-breaks all the time in my notes. Its aesthetically jarring to have block embeds as a workaround as the bullet points do not align properly. And oftentimes, I just want the main block referenced and not have the children blocks with it. Yes I can collapse it, but it also collapses the blocks in the original source. And expanding it in the main source will cause the referenced area look very cluttered with all the children blocks underneath it.

Agree that being able to customise this aspect would be wonderful!

I created an account here just to vote this feature request. I’m trying to implement Zettelkasten in logseq and use my blocks as separate notes. But notes can include ordered lists and line breaks. I cannot do this at the moment because references only display the first line of the note… this can be my only reason to learn lisp. but I don’t want to (yet). please fix this issue.

I think you already can do this: Settings → Editor → Show all lines of a block reference :ballot_box_with_check:.

well, this is exactly what I was looking for. thank you.

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