Configurable block background color

It seems the block background colors are hard-coded. I wish it could be configured by CSS variable.

Also, I wish there could be background opacity to tune.

I don’t care much for the opacity, but custom colors would be great!

I would so love this @tienson

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A lot of things like this can be handled by putting more CSS selectors into the rendered HTML. Eg if a yellow highlighted block got the CSS class highlight-yellow, we can then apply simple CSS to overwrite the default. .highlight-yellow { background-color: <myYellow> } into the custom.css. I’d love to see more selectors in the HTML so we can customise more freely.

We would only be limited to our own CSS skills. We can set the background-color, the text color, the border-color, the opacity, etc all with some simple CSS selectors in the rendered HTML.

since I underlayed query-results with an background (via CSS, I write CSS-code for a living), the interface got so much more intuitive to me. So, I would +1 this request and would like to add: Let’s introduce options to input colors for different types of blocks, for folks that are not familiar with writing their own css-code

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the css code to put a background on the “today”-queries:

#today-queries { background: #f7f7f7; }

but should only look good in light mode