Configure End key on Mac

I use both Mac and Windows and thus my muscle memory hits the end key on an external keyboard for Mac when I want to go to the end of the block. However this jumps to the end of the window instead. Is there a way to configure the end key to perform the same as cmd+e on Mac?

Probably with the help of Karabiner Elements

I was hoping for a logseq internal option but let me take a look

I lack a mac to test this, but couldn’t you update the keyboard shortcut in the settings?
Keymap → Move cursor right / open selected block at end

Mapped that to the “End” key and on Linux at least that works like a charm.

Unfortunately doesn’t seems to work on Mac. Looks like the Mac intercepts the key before the key mapping kicks in.

Ah, that’s too bad. You might be able to hardcode it in the config but if it gets intercepted by Mac I doubt that will work as the key never makes it to Logseq.