Conflicts in multi window mode

I’ve observed a couple of times now that when working on page A in Window 1, switching to Window 2 with a different page B, LogSeq nevertheless detected a conflict between page A in Logseq and the file for page A on disc. With the file on disk being the latest version.

If the observation is correct, it appears that LogSeq uses different graphs in both windows, rather than the same. Thus you can get sync conflicts between the graphs.

If so, that appears to be a bug.

+1. same behaviour, very annoying

I get this so often that I find multi window mode unusable.

I think that they use the same graph, but different in-memory caches, i.e. multiwindow mode is not one application supporting multiple windows, but multiple instances of the application.

i wonder if this has to do with using sync at the same time as multi-window… i.e. when multiwindowing are there multi-instances of sync running as well?