Confused by how logseq treats the `id: ` property

Hi all! First post, hope I’m doing it right.

I’ve noticed page properties exhibit three different behaviors and I’m confused. For example, let’s say I enter the following into the page property block:

title:: example_title
id:: example_id
tags:: example_tag

When I leave edit mode, what I see is:

tags:: example_tag

So far, so good. I figure tags: is shown because it’s a user-defined property and title: and id: are hidden because they’re logseq-defined properties (I may be wrong, but that behavior would make sense).

When I re-open the block in edit mode, what I see is:

title:: example_title
tags:: example_tag

id: is completely gone!

When I open the actual markdown file in another program (e.g. notepad), id: is still there, so logseq didn’t erase it. It’s just hiding it from edit-mode for some reason.

Is this normal behavior?

Extra: I ask because I use [markdown-style]( instead of [[wiki-link-style]] for linking notes.

I’ve been using id: in YAML frontmatter so that I can always reference the current note’s unique id. With logseq’s current behavior of hiding the id: parameter, I can’t access that information without opening the file in a different program.

If this is the intended behavior, I can switch to using uid: instead, but I wanted to make sure I understood how logseq implements properties before converting my system.

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Not really an answer to your question but I noticed @tienson stating on 11 Jul 2021 in discord

It’s [ID link is] only for compatibility with org mode files, there’s no plan to enable it for md.

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Thanks! It looks like I just have to be careful not to conflict with built-in properties and use workarounds (like uid:: ) if I want to keep using Zettelkasten-style permanent links.

I wish there was documentation that covered all of logseq’s built-in properties, but with how fast logseq is growing/evolving, it makes sense that it would take a while for documentation to catch up.

Full context from Discord for anyone who had the same/similar question:

cobblepot: Do ID links work in Logseq even if the user uses markdown files? Or only if they chose org mode files?

Gustav: Not sure, haven’t tested it with Markdown. But the syntax for links is different for Markdown so not sure if it would makse sense there?

cobblepot: @Logseq Team are you planning on supporting users using ID links in Logseq? If so, need to clear up in documentation how/whether they will work in md files, or whether they are only for users with org mode files. And it should be clear to users how the file type choice affects functionality generally and whether file types can be mixed.

tienson: It’s only for compatibility with org mode files, there’s no plan to enable it for md.

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