Contacts Network and Organization

Hello everyone,

I have recently started using logseq after a lot of research on PKM. I am liking this very much. But I’m trying to find a few ways to make it a little better for my workflow.

So basically, there are a couple of major use cases I’m trying to solve for myself.

  1. Creating Contacts Network
    I am trying to meet new people and want to build a network around them. Like, If I’m meeting 2 new people today, I want to record that thing in the journal which also creates a page about that person. And record details such as whos reference that person was. Or that person is connected to another person etc. I think we can simply do that with the help of the properties. Which should generate a map of linked contacts. And I should be able to see all the contacts with type:: contact and all of their connections. And as I see on the home page, a contact card that can look like this:


So whenever I hover there, it shows a card like that, which clears all the details about that person. And the example of other cards for books also looks great. Wanted to know how can that also be done.

  1. Structured Organization
    Logseq is knows for the unique linked outline blocks that automatically link information like our brain does. But, for the sake of simplicity, sometimes, the organization makes things simple to check for when we are not looking for anything in particular and want to see all the information about a particular thing. I know, we can specify / in the name and at creates a hierarchy that can be traversed to find the information, but that makes things difficult to write, as we need to mention the full path every time we want to link that particular thing. And it makes reading in the journal difficult. So, any plugin or any way where I can also see a structured way of my information? like a normal folder structure? I know this thing is not designed for that, but for some pieces of information, a structured way seems better way where I want to store some temporary information like notes about bank accounts. Where I want to create a hierarchy of information like this:
  • Banks
    • HDFC
      • Account 1
      • Account 2
    • CitiBank
      • Account 3


If anyone has any ideas or any has solved this kind of problems, would to here your opinions and solutions on this.


Hi! I’m sorry that I can’t help with a solution but I would be also interested how to build page properties that look like the examples on the new homepage.

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I also really want to know!