Content bar on left side and page breadcrumbs on top

One of the things I really like about Transno is that it allows me to see what’s going on without worrying about if I missed something. I’m coming from a OneNote background so I find the lack of hierarchy a bit confusing at first, and while I know Logseq is not trying to be a hierarchy note app, it would be nice for people transitioning to have some guardrails.

To me this looks like the ability to set a content page on the left hand side instead of the right, as an option.
It would also be cool if like Zettlr, you could move pages between folders in order to create a hierarchy if you want to.

Finally Transno has a nice breadcrumbs feature that shows you which pages you were navigating to/from at the top of each document, this would be a nice feature to have.

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I also like the idea of a page history display so you can go back to recently-visited pages. It could be on top or as a feature of a sidebar.

I would suggest you not call these ‘breadcrumbs’ however, because I think that term is often used to refer to the path for content, such as the folders containing a subfolder, or in Logseq’s case, if you are zoomed in on a block, it would be the blocks above that block in the hierarchy. Page history, on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily reflect a path because the nature of clicking through your database is such that you might have a pretty random “path” through pages.


Agreed! History is a super useful navigation ui, I think we’ll explore with putting it (or an option) in the upcoming sidebar feature!


I like the idea of having a left hand sidebar in a similar way that Remnote / Obsidian has where you can see the pinned pages at the top and then a list of all the pages underneath. I find this easier than having to go to the tools and all pages


We’re now working on the sidebar and the desktop app currently. Hopefully it’s live soon!


Great news! Looking forward to it. Thanks a lot and much appreciated.

Would live if it was a setting so I could choose sidebar on left or right, just like I am in vscode where I have set it to the right.



I like the idea of having breadcrumbs constantly at the top which references not only the page, but also the current block / sub-block etc. If one is working on a long and complex block, the head node of the block is often not visible, and one can sometimes forget what that head node is (or at least I do!)

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I made a UI request for a change that would include/allow this and other changes also here: Develop modular UI for Logseq


In the meantime I am using Azri K’s tip:

/* This moves the sidebar to the left side */

#app-container {
flex-direction: row-reverse;

/* this moves the sidebar button to the left as well */
.cp__header a:last-child {
order: -1;

and still Transno:

Was this ever implemented?

Or: is there a public roadmap where the progress for each feature can be checked?


You can find it here:

Thank you. I did find that, but couldn’t find this particular feature.
I found some cards that seemed related to it, but they don’t have description/info (and the card names are very succinct), so hard to know…

I was wondering if the left sidebar (with favorites, etc) is still in the pipeline. According to Trello the ticket was archived (Trello). Right now it’s the only thing keeping me from making the switch to Logseq from Roam.

Coming within a week or two!

Hi there, the big UX thing Logseq doesn’t have is the left bar on which we can put shortcuts (see Roam / Athens). Is there any reasons for that ? Is such a left bar planned for some day ?

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Hello Limezy, thank you for joining the Discourse and for your post.

There is a feature request for what you are after (or something similar) here:

I would love to see a left hand sidebar similar to that of Roam, Athens, Obsidian etc. as I think a lot of ease of use can come out of having one, such as:

  • Having a shortcuts section (appreciate this is in the Contents of the right sidebar but sometimes I just want easy and quick access),
  • Seeing all your notes at a glance
  • Clicking on your pages easily

Hopefully this is implemented soon.


I agree that a left sidebar where to put favorites/shortcuts makes a huge difference.
It may seem silly, but it is the only reason preventing me transitioning to Logseq, I need that structure visible there and being able to move quickly to the important parts of my database.


Agree 100%. Need a left sidebar for me to switch to Logseq. I’d love to have left sidebar as an important place to store entry points into my notes. It’s good to write daily notes but there need to be some structure to help me remember things on a higher level and I prefer to have it always visible. Of course people can turn it off if they don’t need it.

Coming within a week or two! Been busy building our mobile app :slight_smile: