Content disappeared after changing page title

I just came across the same problem as this.

The original page was a book note named Psychometrics An Introduction - Preface and CPT.1. It was associated with a PDF file, and I made some annotation and notes about it.

Tonight I was changing the title to Psychometrics An Introduction - Part 0. Like usual I clicked the Yes button of the name-changing warning pop window. After that, I lost everything on that page.

A few seconds later, I got an error page and it told me to re-index and then restart the app. But still I can’t find my original note.

I go back to my logseq profile folder. the new-name .md file is empty (only 1-byte size).

Here are some extra clues:
The pdf file is still in /assets folder. And in the .edn file, there are 14 “rect” string

The .md file containing annotation is still there, with 10 annotation block in it. However, I only see 2 annotation displayed in the logseq client window, and both can’t be found in .md file.

Since I can’t find anything specific about my original note right now, I can’t provide more specific information. Is there any backup page? I do need to find my note.

There is a bak folder under the logseq folder, you may want to check there.