Content Hidden On Expand (until manually re-collapsed and expanded)

Often, especially on larger pages, when I expand and collapse the set of blocks on a page by using the hotkey (t o), the blocks indented under the highest-level blocks do not display when I expand. I.e., Logseq will display the highest-level blocks as though no nested blocks exist underneath it.

I then have to manually re-collapse the highest-level block (which appears as though there is no further content indented below it) and then manually re-expand it and then all the content that is actually there shows.

I’ve had this issue for the past several months and it’s gotten to the point where I’ve had to pause actively using Logseq completely since one of my primary use-cases is for project log-notes and context notes and without being able to trust whether the information I’m seeing reflects my actual notes Logseq has become pretty much unusable for me.