Context-Aware Missing from so many things: Tab Pressed while Zoomed In on a bullet indents it to it's previous Block with no Visual Clue that this happened

Hello, I have noticed this before and I cringe thinking about how many of my Blocks got indented under the previous Block while I was Zoomed In on it, editing text and by mistake pressed Tab. Not only that Tab in Editing Mode should be a Text-Tab (4 spaces), but Logseq operates on the above level while you are Zoomed-In and does changes without any visual clue that something changed. If you click in the left sidebar on some other Favorite Page or somehow leave that Zoomed-In Work - maybe to Capture a new Note quicky- you will never know that your precious Note is now under some obscure TODO or some other fleeting note that you won’t touch again.

This is scary…

Where is my precious note? :-o

Here it is:

Please Logseq, Context-Awareness is one of the most important missing feature and it’s seriously impacting a good worklow and a frictionless environment!!!