Convert plain-text timestamp into click-able format

For YouTube videos come with timestamp information, there is a HTML format timestamp list provided in the description like this

0:57 Eyelashes
2:07 Background
5:11 Lineart color
8:55 Textures

But after I copy those timestamps into Logseq, I have to edit them line-by-line to make them click-able.

{{youtube-timestamp 00:57}} Eyelashes
{{youtube-timestamp 02:07}} Background
{{youtube-timestamp 05:11}} Lineart color
{{youtube-timestamp 08:55}} Textures

It would be great to provide a function to do this job automatically, convert current block into a timestamp list with one command.


You can try using this plugin for the purpose:

sethyuan/logseq-plugin-wrap: Create your own wrappings with optional key bindings for selected text, a set of useful defaults is also provided. (

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