Converting an imported list to an outline

Finally set up in Logseq enough that I can begin working. A way to start that’s been suggested is to write everything in the journal. I imagine that would be relatively straightforward.

But I have a list that I started creating in Vim with WikiVim, which was imported into and further developed in Obsidian. In Logseq it appears as a plain list, but there’s a fair bit of linking among items/notes in the list.

I would like to try to begin structuring the list as an outline. I have no idea how to begin. Perhaps a vague ask, but I’d appreciate suggestions anyone might be able to provide.



Some vague suggestions in response: Insert/change some text to headings to break up the list. You could also edit the file in a text editor that may be quicker to insert the leading hyphens and/or tabs. I also use a shortcut to move blocks up and down.

Regards, Gary

The list I have is a list of notes, which are files. I’m beginning to suspect that outlines of files are not possible in Logseq. Amiright?

I’m not sure that I fully understand or appreciate your situation. The page containing a list of notes that you have can serve as a type of index (or map of content) to separate pages. Your list may read as:

  • [[list item 1]]
  • [[list item 2]]

This would link to pages called ‘list item’ and ‘list item’ which are accessible to Logseq.

Let me know if I’m on or off the right track. Happy to help if it helps :wink:

First, the list I have is a list of pages, not a list in a page.

Second, some of the pages are indexes. I have copied two indexes into my journal and indented one under the other.

I envision continuing like this, with indentions several levels down under the first indention.

Which is fine as far as it goes, but as I understand it now, which may not be very well, this outlining is possible only on a page, not among pages.

I can see doing what I want to do with links but that’s not what I was hoping for, or how I experienced it with an older outliner many years ago.

Ultimately, in addition to indenting, I would like to collapse the pages of the outline under their filename, top level heading, or first line.