Copy from Logseq to other Mac app should use appropriate formatting

That is, you should be able to select some blocks in Logseq, copy, and paste into GDocs or some other app and have formatting look at least somewhat correct (I’m using the desktop app).

The export page feature gives you all sorts of options, none of which are the right thing.

The Rome desktop app does this, so it’s possible.

This might be better classified as a feature request; but for something this basic, it’s really a bug.

could you give an example?

The Markdown formatting is transferred quite well with html to Outlook but e.g. the CSS theme styles are not transferred.

What are you looking for?

I’m trying to paste into a Google Doc.

Hm, HTML paste seems to be working now, maybe I was hallucinating. I’ll withdraw this issue.

One small bug: I have some blocks maked as headers (eg “## References”). The formatting for these is not reflected in the HTML.

The headers issue will be fixed in the official 0.4.5 release. :smiley:

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