Corrupt/duplicate entries created

I’m using Logseq on iOS, Mac and PC synced via iCloud but have the issue that a lot of pages are being duplicated either with (1) as name. Or even with a completely different name, like 2022-05-11t18_40_20

This is not an issue of 1 or 2 being created like this, but multiple per day, so it’s quite some work to clean it all.

Why are all these duplicate entries being created?
What can I do to fix this?

Simple answer is you can’t prevent it. It’s just how iCloud handles file syncing.

What you could do is ensure you don’t have logseq open on more than one device at a time and making sure all files are in sync and downloaded from iCloud before editing on any device.


Actually - I think it’s the slashes in the file names - that creates namespaces. It’s like nested tags - but nested pages. So let’s say you name a page Hello/ Goodbye - you would still have that page but another page Hello would also be created - and if you go to that page, at the bottom where the links are you will see a hierarchy section that lists all other pages that begin with Hello and a slash - such as Hello/ Goodbye.

Thanks for the feedback, but I’m not creating pages or tags with a slash.
They look like temporary versions of my pages which have not been updated / deleted.

What I also see when checking in my iCloud drive is that these “pages” are stored under “Logseq > bak > pages > templates”, while my regular pages either are under pages or journals.

So perhaps this is a Logseq issue after all?

If you look at the screen shot - the titles all have slashed between the numbers - whether intentional or not that will create the namespaces.

I’m still experiencing this issue and have made sure that Logseq is only open on my windows PC.
But the second I open it on windows, a lot of those “duplicated” pages are created.

The strange thing is when I open Logseq on another device (Mac, iOS) and go to all pages, all those duplicated ones are not showing.

So it looks to be an issue with the windows app, maybe in combination with iCloud.

Same is happening to me. Very annoying

I set the date format as EEEE, YYYY/MM/DD. Then some unwanted blank pages named like 2022/06 appears with hierarchy at the bottom. How can I get rid of them?

My guess is it looks like the slashes are namespaces which create a hierarchy.

Try using - or _ instead of slash to avoid namespaces being created.