Could I just enable block timestamp on journals and certain pages?

I value the block timestamp feature very much. But I just need it on some pages, for example, journal, task, notes and reports, not everywhere. This time stamp feature makes markdown file see terrible and difficult to edit outside Logseq.

Could you please add a setting to enable block timestamp by a tag at the page property? for example: tag:: #timetrack.

This is a request transfered from github. It seems in the version 0.3.0, the timestamp feature disappear. I don’t know why I can find it on the setting page anymore.

Are your timestamps still working? How did you enable them? In the config file, I set :feature/enable-block-timestamps? true but I still cannot see block timestamps.

Where are you looking for block time stamps? You only see this when using the show data for block while in developer mode? What are you trying to do?

Oh! Yes, in that case, I do see them. My expectation was that they would show up in the original Markdown document, or even displayed near the block like Checkvist does:

Try this plug-in you can download it from the marketplace.

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That’s great!! Thanks for the tip!

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