Create a custom link based on a piece of data

We use Azure DevOps for our stories, work requests, and so forth, and I’d like to reference these in Logseq using the numbers. So if I have User Story 12345 I hoped I could somehow create a tag or something in Logseq so I could create something like ADO12345 and it would create a link dynamically to the ADO page which is https://#####/_workitems/edit/12345/ . Is this possible? Thanks.

Welcome. You probably want a macro:

  • Could define it like this: :ado "<a href='https://#####/_workitems/edit/$1'>ADO$1</a>"
  • Then use it like this: {{ado 12345}}
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Thanks – I’m still learning about logseq and hadn’t heard of macros … this worked great, and I’ve built a few more that are helpful. Thanks!