Create Journal Pages For Future Dates...That Appear The Journal

If I create a page that’s a future date, could it appear as the journal for that day?

This could allow for better thinking ahead and use of a ‘tickler file’ system using the journal.

For example:
Today is Jul 21st, 2023.
If I create a page Jul 22nd, 2023 - could that appear as tomorrow’s journal page?

It does, I use the calendar plugin to just pick any future date and add things for future me. Couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Doing so means no default template is used that day
  • If you don’t check Logseq that day you might miss the note

Journal is easy fix, just manually add the template
As for missing things, this is why I usually mark future notes that are essential with TODO, that way it shows up in my queries on and right after that date.

Hope it helps!


Thanks for the tip - just got it set up - works great.

I’ll be exploring templates and queries soon.

And yes - you make a great point about not checking and missing it - and using the TODO.

Thanks also for all you do - I watched the livestream you did with Dario and Danny about Obsidian and Logseq - just great stuff.