Creating a new default directory redux

I have been using the program for two days. I named the default directory in Windows the same as the topic for which I was creating Pages and Links. I now want to use the program for an entirely different topic and so I want to create a new default directory. I read a previous thread in which it was recommended to find the All Graphs option located under some upper right menu? Does not exist in my version of the program which is the recent version. First does it make sense to create and entirely new default directory.? Second, I figure out how to do that, how do I get back to the original default directory.?


  • There is:
    • no default directory
    • but one directory (or folder) for each graph
      • Having multiple graphs (one for each topic, with its own folder) makes full sense.
  • The menu with the graphs:
    • used to:
      • create new ones
      • switch among them
    • is:
      • not at the top-right
      • but at the top-left
        • the first item
      • named after the currently opened graph