Creating a new graph

Hi Community, when creating a new graph, where should the new graph be nested? Does Logseq control that structure? Asking because I am concerned about creating graphs that would not be conducive to search later.
In the attachment, you can see that the new graph “Recipes” is nested inside logseq. Is that OK?

It should not be nested under another graph. That’s the big thing.

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Can you elaborate? Am I nesting Recipes at this point under logseq which I think is a folder and not a graph.

Don’t put a graph folder within another graph folder, that will lead to lots of issues.

Thanks Ramses, you are speaking to a newbie here. Where should I place new graph when creating one. My “Root” level when creating my first logseq graph is Brain2nd. Are you saying I should put any new graph under my Documents folder where it will be at the same level as Brain2nd?

Hi @kaos, I can’t say exactly as I’m a Windows user and don’t quite understand your Finder image. I just created a second Graph, and put it in a folder (named Logseq-2) next to my main graph folder (simply named Logseq). It worked fine.
You could probably put that second folder anywhere, including beside your original Logseq graph folder, just not in it, as the guys said.


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Thanks Smithy for your feedback. I feel more comfortable now creating a new graph and not worrying about future issues down the road because of improper nesting.