Creating pages externally with the URL scheme - is this possible?

Hi there -

I have a few templates I’ve built using different apps - some in Pythonista, and some in Apple Shortcuts. These are templates that ask me a few questions and then plug the answers and some other data into a markdown document, created via URL schemes. These are typically worksheets for my job.

I’ve had good success targeting NotePlan and Obisidian this way, but I’m a little stumped with LogSeq. Am I right in understanding that the Quick Capture url scheme is only intended to basically add a URL and some text to the daily journal? Or is there another way I’m not seeing? I want to create full pages (.md documents) programmatically.

I’d like to be able to use Apple Shortcuts; with my other apps that allows to me to run my scripts on both desktop and iOS.

Any suggestions/direction are appreciated!!

I’ve built a workaround now, where my Shortcuts script just saves a markdown file to the local LogSeq directory on my phone or desktop. It’s a little less elegant but it works.


Side note: Do you mind sharing the Quick Capture URL scheme for adding text from outside apps to the daily journal?

Hi -

I found this page…

Which describes the URL scheme. Here’s the quick capture scheme:



`url`: page url

`title`: page title

`content`: (optional) highlighted text(selection)

`append`: (optional, boolean) Append to the end of the page, default to `false`(current editing position)

`page`: (optional) Page name to insert to, use "TODAY" to insert to today page

I can’t seem to form the quick capture URLs successfully though, and there’s not a fully formed example in the docs. I’ve got pretty elaborate workflows built with URL schemes in many other apps, but the only thing I get LogSeq to do is open specific pages. If you manage to make a quick capture URL work and can post an example URL, please do! I think there might something I’m getting wrong about how to add the different parameters.

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try logseq://x-callback-url/quickCapture?
non url encoded
logseq://x-callback-url/quickCapture?url=''&title='foobar'&content='sup ?'

Oh, thanks so much!! I didn’t have the single quotes surrounding the content after each parameter.

Works great on desktop. I was able to craft a URL which made a new page, which is what I was hoping for. I’ll test more with some longer content to see if I can get my worksheets generated this.

Doesn’t seem to actually work on iOS for me though, is that a known issue or am I still goofing something up?