Creating pages externally with the URL scheme - is this possible?

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I have a few templates I’ve built using different apps - some in Pythonista, and some in Apple Shortcuts. These are templates that ask me a few questions and then plug the answers and some other data into a markdown document, created via URL schemes. These are typically worksheets for my job.

I’ve had good success targeting NotePlan and Obisidian this way, but I’m a little stumped with LogSeq. Am I right in understanding that the Quick Capture url scheme is only intended to basically add a URL and some text to the daily journal? Or is there another way I’m not seeing? I want to create full pages (.md documents) programmatically.

I’d like to be able to use Apple Shortcuts; with my other apps that allows to me to run my scripts on both desktop and iOS.

Any suggestions/direction are appreciated!!

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I’ve built a workaround now, where my Shortcuts script just saves a markdown file to the local LogSeq directory on my phone or desktop. It’s a little less elegant but it works.


Side note: Do you mind sharing the Quick Capture URL scheme for adding text from outside apps to the daily journal?

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I found this page…

Which describes the URL scheme. Here’s the quick capture scheme:



`url`: page url

`title`: page title

`content`: (optional) highlighted text(selection)

`append`: (optional, boolean) Append to the end of the page, default to `false`(current editing position)

`page`: (optional) Page name to insert to, use "TODAY" to insert to today page

I can’t seem to form the quick capture URLs successfully though, and there’s not a fully formed example in the docs. I’ve got pretty elaborate workflows built with URL schemes in many other apps, but the only thing I get LogSeq to do is open specific pages. If you manage to make a quick capture URL work and can post an example URL, please do! I think there might something I’m getting wrong about how to add the different parameters.


try logseq://x-callback-url/quickCapture?
non url encoded
logseq://x-callback-url/quickCapture?url=''&title='foobar'&content='sup ?'

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Oh, thanks so much!! I didn’t have the single quotes surrounding the content after each parameter.

Works great on desktop. I was able to craft a URL which made a new page, which is what I was hoping for. I’ll test more with some longer content to see if I can get my worksheets generated this.

Doesn’t seem to actually work on iOS for me though, is that a known issue or am I still goofing something up?

Hi, the current url scheme has a major flaw: You cannot add arbitrary text, and the prefix is also set.
I wanted to automatically add calendar events to my today page, but i am not allowed to add multiple blocks.

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My workaround for this was to make an Obisidian vault that reads my primary LogSeq graph, and to use Obisidan’s URL (& URI) scheme to make new notes. I suspect you could append this way too to add your calendar events.

Obsidian is a good enough citizen that even if it’s not running, you can send it a URL and it will launch and execute it properly. In my experience, if LogSeq isn’t running, quick capture URLs will cause LogSeq to launch but will be otherwise ignored.

LogSeq does seem to become aware of the new documents essentially instantly.

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Thanks, Robert.
I managed to do something similar by using Apple Shortcuts (appending the markdown file on disk).