CSS code for the new right side-bar page?

Hi all,

Just updated to the latest version and see the right side-bar has been updated.

Does anyone know what the CSS code that would enable me to change the styling of the page title & its box? (see attached)

Thanks in advance!

Hi, with Ctrl+Alt+i shortcut you should be able to open the Developer Tools sidebar. Then at the top there is an icon that looks like a mouse cursor. You can use that to select elements in Logseq UI.

Be careful when selecting elements, often they are made by multiple nested “divs”. Check the HTML tree that you see in the left side of Developer Tools.

Once you found the right div, selecting it shows the current CSS rules on the right. The ones at the top are more specific for that element. You need a bit of guesswork here but you should be able to test new custom rules from there (they disappear after relauching Logseq).

Once you are done, you need to copy each rule you modified with the right-click menu and paste them in custom.css file in /logseq folder in your graph folder.

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Hi Alex,

Thanks so much!

Teach a man how to fish…

Really appreciate the help.

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