CSS for dimming sibling blocks?


Is there any way we can use CSS or build out a setting where only the currently selected block and its children blocks are fully opaque and other blocks are every so slightly dim? This helps when focusing because the hierarchical nature of the tool has you staring at really overwhelming blocks of text as a page grows.

I realize that blocks can be collapsed, but 1) it’s unreasonable to manually collapse every single block you don’t want to see and keep adjusting as you move through a document as the number of blocks grows, and 2) Collapsing is all-or-nothing. I want to still be able to see the rest of my blocks but have my periphery ignore them easier when I want to focus.

I’ve made a hacky focus mode : [css] (dirty) focus mode

direct link: logseq-dark-hpx/logseq-dirty-focus-mode.css at master · cannibalox/logseq-dark-hpx · GitHub

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Thank you. This is wonderful!

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