CSS for imbedded video links

Hi, very new here as I just started using Logseq a few days ago. Trying to transfer from Notion.

I love the feature that it embeds YouTube links with an iFrame however I do save a lot of YouTube videos and the journal pages are now getting hard to read because of all the overly large imbedded videos crowding out the plain text.

I have a very basic understanding of CSS but I can’t seem to get the CSS to apply to the video links. Some digging I found that the function that adds the iFrame is “macro-video-cp”. However that isn’t the CSS class of the iFrame.

Can someone point me to the CSS class for the video imbeds?



  • I don’t see a css class.
  • Could still use a css selector like this one: iframe[id*="youtube-player"]
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Awesome, thanks! That worked perfectly. Puting the full CSS I used below for posterity:

  width: 50%;