CSS Issue : Checkboxes are not visible on eInk / electronic paper displays

Tested on : Onyx Boox Max Lumi 1 and Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color.

Version: Logseq-android-0.8.14-nightly.20221226.apk (with sha256 5cd88b7e7b2e9d58c20fbcf74c7120973237b480072aec45253d83f9972256a3 *Logseq-android-0.8.14-nightly.20221226.apk ).

One has grayscale eInk / epaper display, the other has color eInk / ePaper.

On both devices it’s impossible to see checkboxes in documents, i.e.:

* [ ] a
* [ ] b
* [ ] c

both : checked or unchecked. Therefor it’s impossible to utilize feature on those devices.

I tried all device display settings, and nothing helps.

I hope that adjusting CSS of those checkboxes slightly may help to reach treashold when rendering will pick it up and render , instead of whiten with background.

Happy to provide all input and testing.

I am total CSS newbie, but by trial&error, I’ve found that what they’ve done in this custom.css file:

makes checkboxes visible and they work well on mentioned Onyx Boox eInk devices.