Ctrl + Down to expand first level blocks, Ctrl + Shift + Down to expand all sub-blocks of the chosen block

I’m using Logseq to take notes in lectures and books. Let’s say a book has 10 chapters, each chapter has 10 sections. It’d be helpful if I can use Ctrl + Down to expand the first 10 levels to be able to see the titles of the chapter, and then if I want to view everything in a chapter I can use Ctrl + Shift + Down to have all nested blocks expand.

Currently Logseq has t + o to expand or collapse everything and Ctrl + Up/Down to collapse/expand to its previous state, which may makes it hard to see the titles of the chapters/sections before diving in a topic.

Haha, thanks for posting! I think, in the last 24 hours, I had the same question in the forum - Discord

This would be very handy, hope it’s implemented.

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Please help me upvote this. As my page grows with about 9-10 levels nested, not having the ability to expand all sub blocks of the chosen block is adding a lot of friction to my interaction with my graph. I migrated over from RemNote and this feature was very useful for me.

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Now that we have Expand all/Collapse all functions, it’d be nice if we have the keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl + Shift + Down for Expand all
Ctrl + Shift + Up for Collapse all

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