Cursor default in Outliner, Hotkey?

Please make a hotkey to place the cursor on the page, eg. in the journal so one can continue typing and doesn’t have to lift the fingers from the keyboard when eg. switching graphs - which would be great if it would happen by default when switching to a graph.
(I haven’t found a workaround either and would be greateful hear how someone has achieved that.
Maybe there is a plugin?)

What about using the arrows?

  • Up / Down to select a block
  • Left / Right (or Enter) to edit it

I just tried this again but there is a certain view when the arrows don’t work - sometimes the tab does and I can jump between different pages in a journal (and even start to write there) but not in the journal itself.
Any other workarounds?

Otherwise, I will seriously consider a plugin :))

UNTRUE:Oh, for some reason I haven’t considered that, thank you. This is closed for me :slight_smile:

(manual backlink/continued here: Discord)