Cursor placement within a template

One thing that I’m missing from templates as they are today is the ability to set a custom position for the cursor after the template has been populated. This is already present in Roam.

This would be accomplished by adding <%cursor%> to Dynamic Variables.

Use case would be something like this:

  • <%time%> [[meeting]] with <%cursor%>
    • Agenda:
      • Item 1
      • Item 2
    • [[action items]]

I don’t know why this doesn’t have more upvotes. This is literally the first thing I looked for when I started to use a template frequently. Would be very useful.


Upvote! This is definitely missing.
Just setting the cursor at the beginning is a good start but ideally you could control where the cursor jumps next on tab. Thus being able to specify multiple cursor positions like when creating snippets with VSC.

Since this is my first post on this forum.
Congrats to the Logseq team! You are building something really sweet here:)